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Christmas Tree Recycling in Westfield

When do you usually take down your Christmas tree? The day after Christmas? New Year’s Day? Now? What do you do with that tree once you take it down? If your answer is not “use it for firewood”, you need to know that regular curbside pickup is not an option. Instead, utilize this Christmas tree recycling in Westfield to safely dispose of it.

Christmas Tree Recyling in Westfield

Christmas Tree Recycling

Unfortunately, you missed the deadline to sign up for the Westfield High School Band to come pick up your tree. Fortunately, however, the Westfield Conservation Center stays open from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays throughout January. And they take in all Christmas trees that fulfilled their destiny this holiday season. Just make sure you get rid of any decorations, lights, tinsel, and the tree stand.

Usually, the center requires a permit for “organic materials” (shrubs, twigs, branches, grass clippings, logs, etc.). But in January, you may drop off your Christmas tree (like the one you purchased at the Y’s Men’s Tree Lot) for free. However, you still need a permit to drop off any organic materials. You must obtain a permit online before you visit the Westfield Conservation Center. Otherwise, you may get turned away at the gate. The center accepts Christmas trees through March 13, 2024.

Other Recycling Allowed

Other items you may drop off without a permit include plastics, books, cardboard, clothing, food waste, household batteries, fluorescent lights, styrofoam, string lights, toys, scrap metal, reusable bags, plastic bags, tennis balls, household electronics, and wine corks. Household bulk waste and mattresses require permits. They cost $40 per carload for Westfield residents and $60 for Scotch Plains residents. All permits must be purchased online. None will be sold at the center. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Westfield Conservation Center at (908) 789-4100.

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