Local Events August 25, 2023

Solar Charging Benches Installed in Downtown Westfield

Westfield takes “going green” to a whole new level. Let’s say you decide to go shopping in the downtown area. You plan on meeting up with your bestie at the Rock ‘n Joe for a cup of coffee. But you can’t remember what time you agreed on. You pull out your phone and realize that your battery may die in the next few minutes. What do you do? Well, if you find yourself near one of the newly installed solar charging benches, simply sit down, plug in, and wait.

Solar Charging Benches Installed in Downtown Westfield

That’s right. Downtown Westfield now includes two solar charging benches with two more set for installation soon. Plus, if these benches prove valuable to the public at large, more benches may be installed at a later date.

For now, you may find the initial two benches set up at Elm and North. Each bench includes dual USB ports. The Downtown Westfield Corporation plans on installing two more benches at the South Ave train station soon. A state grant paid for the $11,600 cost of these initial four benches from Sun Charge Systems. It’s just one way that the City hopes to bring a clean alternative to traditional electric charging and add convenience to local citizens and visitors alike.

Scotch Plains Freecycle 2023 Event

Another way to reduce our carbon footprint (as well as trash thrown into local landfills) is by participating in the Scotch Plains Freecycle Event. If you find yourself with extra children’s toys, old books, small kitchen appliances, puzzles, games, or other gently used items, register for the freecycle event. Schedule a time to drop these items off at Brookside Park early in the morning on Saturday, September 9th. Then, come back later in the morning to search through other people’s donations. Everything will be available to take absolutely free of charge, too.

Scott Gleason, CRS at Coldwell Banker Westfield, NJ Luxury Homes