Local Events February 28, 2023

Downtown Cranford Peeps-Tacular 2023

Easter falls on Sunday, April 9th, this year. What is your favorite Easter candy? Jelly beans? Cadbury cream eggs? Reeses peanut butter eggs? (The Reeses peanut butter egg came in as America’s favorite Easter candy, by the way.) How about marshmallow Peeps? Well, Peeps seem to polarize the Easter candy people. Some love them. Others hate them with a passion. But at the Downtown Cranford Peeps-Tacular 2023, it doesn’t matter because whether you like them or not. Why? Because you don’t actually have to eat them. Instead, they get turned into fun works of art in the celebration of the Easter holiday.

What: Downtown Cranford Peeps-Tacular 2023
Where: Downtown Cranford
When: April 1st to April 9th
Contact: DMC via email or phone at (908) 709-7208

Downtown Cranford Peeps-Tacular 2023

If you are interested in creating a Peeps masterpiece, you need to register by March 24th, 2023. Only one entry is allowed per person. But this is definitely something you can get the whole family involved in. Each entry gets displayed downtown for the general public to see. They also act as your judges. Entries with the most votes win a nice cash prize. Third place receives $50. Second place receives $75. And the first-place winner receives $100. Not bad for gluing a bunch of marshmallow Peeps together, right?

Rules and Registration Information

To enter, the Downtown Cranford Peeps-Tacular, send an email to the DMC by end of business on March 24th. Each participant will be given a specific location where their entry will be displayed. All registered entries must be dropped off at that specific location no later than March 31st. No on-site assembly allowed. Whatever it looks like when you drop it off is how it will be displayed.

Entries cannot be larger than 18″ in height, width, or depth. Keep in mind that your entry may get moved around a bit in the setup. So make sure that you fortify it well enough so it doesn’t break down. (Quick tip: glue, toothpicks, and little wooden dowels offer great support for your sculpture.) At the end of the judgment period, each display location disposes of the entries themselves. If you wish to keep your Peep, let the event organizers know when you register for the contest. Good luck!

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