5 Questions Westfield Sellers Should Ask Their Agent

5 Questions Westfield Sellers Should Ask Their Agent

You are selling your Westfield home.  You are relying on the agent you’ve selected to do his or her best to market your property.  What questions should you ask?  What can you expect?

5 Questions to Ask Your Question Real Estate Agent

5 Questions Every Westfield Seller Should Ask

Here are 5 questions Westfield sellers should ask their agent.  If you ask these questions, you’ll be making sure your home sale receives the care it deserves and you receive the attention you expect.

1. May I see the photos you are going to use in marketing my home?  Watch out for poor lighting, sloppy staging, or dark images.  Your home should look appealing.

2. May I see what copy you wrote to describe my Westfield home?  Watch out for poor grammar, hackneyed language, or generic descriptions.  Your home should sound appealing.

3. May I see your marketing plan for my home? Some agents are more effective and more proactive than others.  You want the best coverage for your home that you can get.  That may mean print coverage or online coverage.  Ask your agent to explain the rationale behind his/her marketing plan.  You should be able to understand how and why your home is being marketed as it is.

4. Will you market my home to ALL Westfield agents? The answer to this needs to be YES. Agents in the town need to know about your home.  A broker tour can be key in getting your home the early and effective exposure necessary for a quick sale.  If your agent isn’t networking and marketing your home to other agents, you need to know why and perhaps think twice about the agent. 

5. How will you update me on the progress of my home’s sale?  Selling a home can take time, but you don’t want your home to “sit idle” as the market passes it by.  An active agent should get you information on a regular basis about showings and marketing efforts.  Some agents will give you updates 2-3 times a week; others will touch base with you just once a week; still others will let time pass without checking in.  What kind of feedback do you want?  Tell your agent!  It’s not unreasonable to ask for regular updates.

Selling your Westfield home is one of the biggest financial transactions you will make in your lifetime.  Good communication and clear expectations are key to making the experience successful and comfortable.  Asking these 5 questions is an important step in the right direction.

If you want to ask me these questions, I’m ready with my answers.  Call me; email me; text me today (contact information is below).  I’m ready to help with all your questions about Westfield real estate.

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